The World In Your Heart

 There’s a world in your heart,

someplace no one can see.

It’s the spark that you feel

when you let yourself dream.

It’s the curious pull

you can’t seem to escape.

It’s the call of the you

that you’re here to create.

There’s a world in your heart,

one your fears cannot touch.

They just guard all the gates

built to cover it up.

Every doubt is a level.

Each one has a key  

to unlock parts of you

only you can set free.

There’s a world,

yes, a world,

a whole world in your heart!

It’s not something you win.  

It’s the thing that you are

and each piece you unlock

starts to build a new bridge

from the world in your heart

to this world that we’re in.

Out where we’re automatic,

repeating our loops.

Where we’re stuck ‘til we let

something real break through.  

So go write your own patterns.

Create something new.

Bring the world in your heart

to a world that needs you.