Heart-Shaped Hall-O-Gram

My friend Russ brought a car full of camera/lighting equipment from CO to shoot the live version of Heart-Shaped Hologram. We used an iPhone, some masking tape and a tripod.

Brave Little iPhone

Brave Little iPhone

Russ wanted to test the light from a window in the hallway and we just decided to just shoot it then, leaving the rest of the equipment untouched. I'm guessing that if they were alive (Brave-Little-Toaster-style)  the cameras would have tried to bully the iPhone using a creepy song about shooting in low light as a metaphor as soon as we left the room to take a break. But right at the scariest part, they would have been interrupted by our return and the iPhone saving the day ... Brave-Little-Toaster-style. 

Basically, our live shoot was pretty magical. Something cool happens when you're willing to just show up and experiment, regardless of your plans. 


Check out Russ' instagram feed to make your eyes/heart happy: www.instagram.com/russdixon