On Saturday I sent a private link to a voice memo of a new song to my mailing list. Songwriting is the way that I process real life and I realized that by waiting to share new songs until I have a project out I'm basically sharing a 1.5 year old version of myself with people. It hit me that it would be way more fun to let this core group in on the evolution process and hopefully hear about theirs. Zest Radio asked if they could share the link on Twitter and I said yes (I like the idea of people having access to the songs by getting the link from someone they know) but we quickly realized the link had to be made public because twitter automatically converted it to a player, which hid the song. Facepalm. I quickly made it public and called this first attempt a test run. :) I'll be refining the process over this next year, but I'm just excited to be able to share the raw versions of new songs and the stories behind them with you. Click here to join the list if you'd like to be a part of our show-and-tell experiment.