mile marker 2016

I didn't have time to get ready the night of my EP release. I wanted the show to be an experience for every person who entered the room. This meant that all of my time was spent hanging neon lights, rehearsing brand new songs to brand new visuals and tying up last-minute loose ends. My siblings, friends and I were working right up until the pre-show started so I just splashed some water on my face, threw on a dress and ran to meet everyone in the loft. I found a new sense of presence that night because I wasn't there to be seen, I was there to create a space for them. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. It's become a symbol of what I want 2017 to be. I want to reach new levels of forgetting myself through things and experiences I create for others. What else is there? 


Scroll down to see some of the moments Tim Hansen (www.timhansenphotography) captured that night. All edits by Russ Dixon (

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